Are you in need of a waste removal company to get rid of shingles, yard waste, rubbish, bricks, drywall, wood or any other forms of waste, garbage, construction debris or renovation?

If you are looking for garbage pickup rental services in Toronto; a garbage removal company in Richmond Hill; a Mississauga disposal bin company; or a container rental company overall, Ideal Disposal has garbage bin rentals for your garbage removal, as well as roll on bins, roll off bins and mini bins. Have your choice of bins delivered to you and picked up in seven days after you've completed your waste removal.

But, it gets better! We provide garbage disposal dumpsters for large projects. If you have a property to renovate or a house renovation, for example a home renovation in Richmond Hill, these waste containers would hold the junk produced from gutting out a whole room, such as a kitchen or a bathroom. We can provide the services to do that for you as well! Whether you are the property manager, contractor or home owner, contact us and we will conduct the demolition. We can completely gut out the desired area, leaving you will a clean and clear surface to start your new job!

Some Pros About Our Services:

  • Our bins have rollers to ensure that they don't damage your driveway/property.
  • Our bins are inexpensive!!!
  • Our trucks and bins are small enough to get through alleys, therefore, you can have your bin wherever you'd like!
  • We have a wide variety of material that we accept!
  • Our team is courteous and gets the job done quickly!
  • Ideal Disposal delivers all across the GTA and then some!

    We have bins for Ajax, Aurora, Brampton, Markham and Mississauga. We have disposal bins for New Market, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering and Richmond Hill. We have garbage bin rentals in Toronto, Vaughn, Whitby and other communities. To each of these areas Ideal Disposal serves with satisfaction.

    Interior & Exterior Demolition


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    We specialize in interior exterior demolition on the houses and buildings from ripping down drywall to removing all waste and material from inside of houses and buildings two demolition fences patios wood or concrete we are your full service company that also provide bins to get rid of the garbage our highly trained team of professional demolition contractor can gut out a bathroom a kitchen or your entire home or Office Space in no time.
    Ideal disposal is a Canadian owned and operated company since 2014. It is a full-service garbage disposal, demolition and junk removal company. If you are looking for someone to remove all your kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, toilets and sink tops, hardwood floor or carpet, even if it is to remove all drywall right down to stud and base floor we can do that for you. mini bin rental toronto ,Disposal bins toronto and Bin rental Toronto


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