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Ideal Disposal

Where else can you get a full service disposal company that dispose of your garbage and also do the demo and labor work to complete your renovations?

Working smart is what we do, working safe is who we are and saving money in your pocket is what we do best.

Ideal disposal is a Canadian owned and operated company since 2014. It is a full-service garbage disposal, demolition and junk removal company. If you are looking for someone to remove all your kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, toilets and sink tops, hardwood floor or carpet, even if it is to remove all drywall right down to stud and base floor we can do that for you. Our employees are one of the best trained in the business, we are fast and efficient not only that we are a Demolition Company, but we are a company that also provides you with the ​bin ​ as well as the labor. We take pride in knowing that if you are doing a full renovation on your house to the smallest job we can do it all, we can strip your house of all the bricks so that you can put up stone or siding, we can remove all the drywall tiles and flooring in the house bringing it back to studs and ​joyce and base floor so now you can create new open space within your living area having a new look on the outside of your home. We are a very handy company, when you are in need of a fence taken away, a deck ripped up, a small garage or shed in the yard our service provides you with the best trade men at work, safe and efficient. We can remove all that for you for a small fraction of what another company would charge. Raising your roof, we can come into your home remove the shingles and cut down the plywood and ​joyce and leave you with a clean surface to begin to work in which now you can add on a second or third floor or just have a new roof design, that is the kind of service that we provide to contractors and homeowners. Are you looking to move and also to get rid of some of your junk before you move? That is where Ideal comes in as a full-service disposal company, that comes in remove all your ​waste ​ pick up all the heavy equipment or junk and dispose of it safely for you, you don’t have to touch anything you they are men here to do that for you, we are fast efficient friendly and most of all we can get it done at the right price and on time. Now if you were to recap everything that we do at Ideal Disposal our company is the solution to any stressful and heavy job that you have to get done
With Ideal Disposal, we provide you with solutions. We are the one company that provides the labor and also the ​bin ​ for removing your waste. Our men drive up to your property with a bin to do your job and while they are ripping down your fence, shed or garage or even if it is to remove the entire roof of your home while they are doing the labor the other half of the crew is picking up the garbage and throwing it into the bin – at the end of the day when the job is completed we clean up, pick up the bin at the same time and leave your property clean and ready for your contractor to come in and begin the next phase of your job.

Most contractors find us reliable, trustworthy and a perfect extension to their team. They realize it is more cost-efficient to have a company that specialize in that particular service that they can call when needed.






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